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Today's Quote
"What worked for others may not work for for, ask God for the grace to adopt the right strategy for every situation"

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16 Oct 2013


Relationship is one awesome thing humans enjoy having with one another, with greater relationships, there is no bound to what extent you can go, with you partner, But do you know that our Lord Jesus Christ also loves having a great relationship with us.But then how can we have a relationship with Jesus, that knows no bound?  we have once publish an article similar to this one, you can check it out if you haven't read it (having quiet time and daily relationship with God ).

How could a relationship be more intimate? Follow this steps Jesus took to have an intimate relationship with the father.
  1. He Rose in the pre-dawn hours to pray
  2. He communed with his father through the night while others slept
  3. He turned away from incessant demands and expectations of others to be sure that his agenda lined up with God's agenda
  4. Don't think of God as a deity to discuss but of a place to dwell.
All of this Jesus Christ did to have a better relationship with God, the only thing you have to do is to emulate this process that Jesus Christ did, and then you will find out that gradually you are having a stronger relationship with Jesus. Most of all is STUDYING THE WORD DAILY. 

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