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2 Nov 2012

lessons to learn from the life of Jesus Christ

good day everyone, i thank you for staying with me, reading and sharing our article. sorry i didn't write up an article on Wednesday, therefore, i will make it up to you by publish two articles today.

  Back to our title "lessons to learn from the life of Jesus Christ", without wasting much of your time, lets just go straight away.

Jesus Christ is caring, understanding, faithful, obedient and mention a few. for this particular article i will change the way that i will write this. i will be using images and put up some words and sentences underneath it.

lessons to learn from the life of Jesus Christ

 1. Jesus Christ is love

Jesus Christ is love, he displayed this everywhere in the 4 gospel of the bible where his teachings were. for instance when he taught the 5,000 (if am not mistaken) he gave them food for he knew they would have been hungry but his disciples suggested that he send them away to get food for themselves.

he also showed the woman they caught that committed adultery, and in the law of moses such woman should be stoned to death but he helped her, and she was save. his love was displayed everywhere he goes.

what about you, do you show love for others, your neighbor?  1john 4:16  And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

2.   Jesus Christ is humble

Jesus Christ is love, he was very humble, looking at the image by your left you can see him washing someone's feet. there was this time a friend of mine asked me to clean his shoes which is already in his leg and this was in the public, but instead i accepted to do that for him, and seeing me doing that he got ashamed of himself and ask me to stop it.

we must, as a christian be like Christ, that is why we are Christians: Christ Like.

 3. Jesus Christ is humble

hebrew 5:8 and john 6:38 gives us example of how obedient Jesus christ was.

4.Jesus Christ forgives and he asks us to this 7 multiply by 77 times in a day.

5. The purpose in life is God’s Jesus wants us to learn the purpose in life is God's, not ours. All He asks is that we trust Him completely. Jesus teaches us we not only can walk with Him, but we also can delight in a real friendship with God. Since God knows our needs before we ask. When that happens, when our relationship is right with God, we live a life of freedom and delight.

6.  Jesus tells us what to do, but He never makes us do it. He does not give us rules. He makes his standard clear, and when our relationship to Him is based on love, We do what he says automatically. When we obey, we will fulfill our spiritual destiny, and the Redemption of God rushes through us to other lives.

 Jesus Christ ask us to repent of our sins and come to him [Mathew 11:28] come unto me all ye that are heavly laden and i will give you rest.

the bible tells us that we are all sinners and we should always repent of our sins, and fulfil the will of God by obeying and doing the will of God. 

ask jesus to come to your life today and accept him as your lord and personal saviour, say this prayer today.


now work on fulfiling God's word and will for your life, read the bible daily.
thank you for reading. don't forget to share with freinds and comment too.


feel free to write your comment, if you have an idea, want to make an addition.

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