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21 Sep 2012

Jesus Christ is a Legend

     This, article you are about to read is a rap by Jude Andrew on the yookos social network.
It is a wonderful piece, that i wanted you to read, it is titled "Jesus is a Legend"

Jesus Christ is a Legend

Lord Jesus is all about you
I don't care about the world because all they wanna do is reject and doubt you.
They turn against you
Forgive them lord, for they don't know what they do.
They lack knowledge and they aint got a clue
That you are the way and the truth
I don't care what they say
Ancient of days, I will follow you always
To you I give all the praise
I look in this life to find someone that is so nice.
Couldn't find noone cos they do whatever they like
And living a life of strife
They living in the world without being wise.
By realising that Jesus Christ is the truth for life.
He paid a price for us to have eternal life
If the world don't know about you and believe in you, then they are fools for life.
As long as I live in this dangerous, I will remain a youth for christ.
His word is a useful tool for life.
If only the world accepted you in their lives
They won't be going through challengings and strives
I am always gonna be a christian everyday of my life
Because I have realise
That my Jesus never lies
He never fails, he never let's me down
I walk around the town,
People keep wondering how I am shining all around
Its because of your glory and love in my life
When I think about your love for me, all I wanna do is cry
Jesus christ, a consumate man,
He is so blessed
He makes me impressed
He is my rest
My master and saviour
Born with divine behaviour
Every words he says has a beautiful flavour
So many people make Jesus Christ a stranger
if you don't know about him or believe, why do you think your life is full of danger.
Jesus Christ was born to save people from their sins and the devils temptation
All I asking the word is to believe in him to complete their salvation.
Jesus Christ, a name without limitations
The world keep talking about love
But they don't understand what true love is
True love is when God sent his only son to die for us.
Christ our boss, died on the cross
Gushing out with blood
All in the name of love
To bring salvation to the world
Many people live a life of pain and misery
Forgetting that Jesus Christ is the greatest ever in history.
Tempted by the devil, fasted for fourty days and forty nights
He began his first ministry
In the city of Galiliee
He spoke with boldness and clarity
He was filled with originality and charity
He preached beautiful parables because he was fully capable
Of doing what others can not do
Healing the sick,
Cleansing a leper and a paralytic
I tried to the world about you lord all they do is laugh
They won't be laughing no more when Judgment day comes and God shows his wrath.
I live in a world where there is violence and pain
But I will let the world know about you again
That forever you reign
You are seated at the right hand of God
You lived as a miracle in this world.
Jesus Christ, I will always be your fan
You are more than a man
The great I am
On judgement day, in heaven I will be bold enough to hug you and shake your hand
Time will be to late to change their minds
Because they ran out of time.
I go around the city preaching the gospel , my lord
They mocked me saying I am too dumb.
But I don't have to trust noone in this world
I only put my trust in you
Because with you all things are possible
N.B : if you can rap, write a poem about christ, bible. Feel free to drop your request to putting your work on this blog, in the comment box .

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