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Today's Quote
"What worked for others may not work for for, ask God for the grace to adopt the right strategy for every situation"

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5 Nov 2013


I read this article from the book, the word for today, writen by Bob Gass- Bob is the author of the book. And i want to share it with you.

The death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ fulfilled no less than twenty-nine different Old Testament prophecies. The odds of that happening are virtually imposible!

 Mathematician Peter stoner explains it this way: 'if you were to cover the states of Texas two feet deep in pound coins, then on one, place a mark. What is the probabilty that a blind person could, on their first attempt, select the coin? that's the likelihood of just eight prophecies being fulfilled in one lifetime. And Jesus fulfilled 29 of them in one day!'.

Let's look  at some prophecies he fulfilled: 

 1) '..... They pierced my hands and ....feet' (psalms 22:16)

2) 'they divided my garments...and...cast lots' (psalms 22:18)

 3)' that day...i will make the sun go down at noon, and...darken the earth in...daylight ' (amos 8:9). Jesus predicted both his death and resurrection.Jesus orchestrated every event, includin Judas' betrayal, the high priest's hypocrasies, and peter's denial. why? 'THAT THE WRITINGS OF THE PROPHETS MIGHT BE FULFILLED.'

so you can trust your bible because it is true. and something else is true too. God is able to do immeasurably more than what we ask or imagine (ephesians 3:20). what seems impossible to you at the moment, is all in a day's work for him. so start trusting him to work on your behalf.

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